The Election

I could talk for days about all the stupidity surrounding this election, but there are only a couple days left, so I will limit it.  I feel as though there are a great number of people that are not thinking rationally.  Maybe I’m not either, but here is my train of thought.  First of all, I’m not overly fond of either candidate.  My vote is more of a vote against one candidate than a vote for the other.  I’m a registered republican, but I try to consider each candidate objectively.  Here are a couple of the seemingly obvious conclusions I have come to:

1.  President Obama’s entire campaign has been based on negative attacks against Mitt Romney.  This is clearly a result of knowing that he can’t run on his record.

2.  If President Obama had a record to be proud of, this election wouldn’t be close, and he wouldn’t have to spend all his time campaigning, and be able to spend his time doing his job.

I truly believe that President Obama is a good man, loves his family, and loves America, but I have been very disappointed with his presidency.  For example, he promised to get immigration reform done in his first year.  He says he didn’t get the bipartisan support to get it done, but he was able to get Obamacare done with NO bipartisan support, knowing that most of Americans didn’t want it.

This all leads me in one direction.  I don’t necessarily believe Mitt Romney will be a great president, but I certainly don’t believe President Obama has earned the right to continue.

It all seems like common sense to me.