Post-election letter to Mitt Romney

Mr. Romney,

Even though the odds were stacked against you, you fought hard and never gave up, and for that I must commend you. Fox News was behind you, but all the other major media outlets did everything they could to help Obama. You ran a respectible campaign, but I have to admit, you made a few bad mistakes, some of which I’ve noted below:

1. The 47% comment. I understand what you were trying to say, and I know everyone took it out of context to use it against you, but it was a pretty dumb thing to say. Despite the inherant truth behind your remarks, you had to know it would be used against you in a strong way.
2. You weren’t aggressive enough at magnifying Obama’s faults, especially during the last debate. You weren’t going to get any help from the media, so you needed to do it yourself. I know you wanted to run a respectable campaign, and not look as petty, but you couldn’t keep letting him off the hook.
3. I don’t want to call you a flip-flopper, because you didn’t really reverse your stance on issues, but there were several times when you “softened” your position, hoping to appease more people. I think you ended up losing more conservatives than the liberals that you gained. While some people won’t like your strong stance on some things, the respect you get for sticking to your values, is much more valuable.

I don’t think you ever really had a legitimate chance of winning, which wasn’t your fault, but you did a good job of making us all believe that you could. You never convinced me that you would be a great president, but I certainly believed you would be better than the alternative. Good luck to you in whatever you take on now.

Very Respectfully,
The average conservative American